How Do You Avoid Spoilers Online?

It’s Sunday, which means the new episode of Game of Thrones is about to be pirated watched legitimately by all of Australia, and millions of people will go into “anti-spoiler” mode. What does that mode entail for you?

Obviously this applies to a lot more than Game of Thrones, but as we all get more used to binge watching shows on Netflix and the like, Game of Thrones remains one of the few water cooler shows that people are forced to watch weekly, so it’s probably the most relevant show to bring up. Big things happen quite often in the show, which can make that water cooler a very dangerous place. It’s also now a really interesting situation in which the show is portraying events before the books.

Just when you think we’ve all reached that point of mutual spoiler respect, up pops the one or two friends in your news feed that either just don’t care or had a momentary lapse in their mental filter.

This happened to me recently when a certain meme was doing the rounds online. I’d make a vague reference to it, but that’d be a bit hypocritical. It was a heavy work week and I just hadn’t had time to watch the episode until a couple days after it aired. The clincher was the text above the image my friend had shared: “Too soon?”


Of *course* my mind is going to figure out who died in that episode. Damn.

I had done very well up until that point to avoid everything on social media. I basically go into a lockdown mode and avoid everything, including earphones and loud music on the bus if need be. Trouble is, sometimes social media can be very convenient, and in my case, it can mean freelance work coming through. That means I have to actually move things around in my life to make sure I watch it before it’s spoiled.

What’s your strategy? Do you use word filters? Do you let friends & family know ahead of time? Do you just not care because the books are more important to you?

Help your fellow Lifehackers out in the comments!

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