Have You Ever Convinced Your Landlord To Pay For An Upgrade?

Have You Ever Convinced Your Landlord To Pay For An Upgrade?

There’s plenty you can do in your rental to make it more like a home without spending a ton or running afoul of your landlord, but if you want some more substantial upgrades or changes, you’ll need their help. Have you ever convinced a landlord to pay for upgrades or renovations?

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Maybe you’ve been in your apartment for a few years, and it badly needs a new stove, or you’ve considered springing for a garbage disposal. Maybe some new bathroom fixtures are in order, or you’d like a new fridge. In many cases, a landlord will recognise the value of those upgrades and be willing to split the costs with you — or even cover them completely. Have you — if you’re a tenant — ever gotten a landlord’s hand with upgrades? If you’re a landlord, when are you willing to help and when won’t you? Share your tips and tricks in the discussion below.

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  • Managed to get my landlord to install aircon (only 1, though 2 were requested) in the bedrooms of the apartment I’m in. Had requested before but after they got a quote from the airconditioner they didn’t want to spend the $3500 quoted for 1 aircon with install (who can blame them).

    Key to success the 2nd time around: Did quite a bit of research on prices in the “slower” aircon sales period (along with ebay discounts etc). Sent a few sets of totals to the owner, suggesting that I would pay for the aircon if they would drop my rent from $430 – $410 a week over the next 24 months.

    Landlord negotiated to raise rent to $445 a week, but install only 1 aircon = happy camper!

  • I bought a storage type of hot water service to replace a 50 yo demand type which wasn’t working well and I shamed my landlord to give me a rent holiday for three months.
    The old unit still had the sticker “Converted for the use of Natural Gas” meaning it was converted from coal gas in 1964.

  • Yes. Aircon for the main living area.

    West-facing windows and typical Adelaide non-existent shade/sun protection made it a sauna in summer without.

    Just used the argument that it would raise the unit’s capital value while being a tax deduction.

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