Evernote Limits Device Sharing For Free Users, Bumps Up The Price Of Paid Plans

Evernote Limits Device Sharing For Free Users, Bumps Up The Price Of Paid Plans

Today, Evernote announced a change to its pricing plan alongside a new limitation for it’s free service. Both the Plus and Premium paid tiers get a price bump while the Basic plan now restricts you to just two devices. The biggest sting is the fact the free Basic plan now limits you to two devices per account, like a computer and a phone, two computers or a phone and a tablet. You’re also still limited to just 60MB of uploads a month. The Plus plan is now priced at $US3.99 ($5)/month, up from $US2.99 ($4)/month (or $US34.99 ($48)/year), while the Premium plan bumps up to $US7.99 ($11)/month from $US5.99 ($8)/month (or $US69.99 ($95)/year). The price increase comes from what Evernote says is a “significant investment of energy, time, and money”. If you’re affected by the price change, look out for an email from Evernote letting you know what to do. The price change won’t go into effect until after 15 August 2016.

Changes to Evernote’s Pricing Plans [Evernote via Melanie Pinola]


  • Certainly time to jump to another solution. Now would be a great time for LH to revisit and review the available alternatives.

    • i was hoping for some suggestions in this article. i know there was a “move all your notes from Evernote to OneNote” article now anyway.

  • I got an email about these changes this morning, and it’s prompted me to have another look at OneNote. Evernote have been slowly limiting their features for Basic customers, while OneNote has been improving (and staying free) for a while now. Limiting the number of devices I can use it on is the final straw.

  • Agreed, it would be good to understand the alternatives. Whilst OneNote from Microsoft is an obvious choice, I wonder if there are other solutions available. I have been a long time Evernote user, but am starting to see the gradual decline in their offering. This well may be a bad move for them commerically, as people are using more and more devices. I user Evernote from 2 computers and iPhone/iPad, so will now have to decide what 2 devices to use – not a great thing to force customers to choose.

    • I am also a long time user. The company is feeling the pressure, having to lay off 13% of its workforce and closing some of its offices. It sucks, because I like the brand. But if the brand keeps pushing up the price when other alternatives are nipping at their heels, it may be time to go.

  • No one went to business school in that company? Straight up raising your prices when your company is doing poorly is only going to lose you more customers. They couldn’t even bother to try to add some features or at least dress up old ones to minimise the perceived impact. Just “gives us more money or walk away”. Well, then…

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