Docker For AWS And Azure Now In Beta

Open source container platform Docker has kicked off its private beta program for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure. You can already use Docker through the two public cloud platforms but the company has made it easier to deploy Docker Engine on them through tight integration with AWS and Microsoft Azure infrastructure services. Additionally, Docker for Windows and Mac, which was previously in private beta, has now been made publicly available. Here’s what you need to know.

DockerCon 2016 over in the US has just started and already there has been a swathe of announcements for the popular software container tool. Docker allows developers to bundle their code into a nice neat package and deploy it to production machines regardless of the environment.

Besides a bunch of new features announced for the latest release of Docker, version 1.12, one of the big news to come out of the conference is the private beta programs for Docker for AWS and Azure. Docker already runs on those two cloud platforms but what the beta releases aim to do is provide deep integration with the underlying infrastructure of AWS and Azure so that the tool can take advantage of the native capabilities in these respective environments.

Essentially, the AWS and Azure betas provides an easy ways to install, configure, set up and maintain installations of the Docker platform in the cloud. This integration with the two public cloud services also makes upgrading to the latest version of Docker within those environments easier.

According to a blog post by Docker product manager Michael Friis:

“Docker for AWS and Azure both start a fleet of Docker 1.12 Engines with swarm mode enabled out of the box. Swarm mode means that the individual Docker engines form into a self-organizing, self-healing swarm, distributed across availability zones for durability. Docker 1.12 also introduces powerful new concepts for running complex multi-container apps including: Service deployment API with health checks and rolling updates, built-in container-aware load balancing, and node communication secured with TLS (transport layer security) out of the box.”

Docker for AWS and Azure are mainly aimed at the IT operations crowd but there’s some good news for developers as well. Docker has moved its Windows and Mac native apps out of private beta and into public beta. The private beta was launched in March and there were limited spots available. Now developers can download the software straight from the Docker website.

You can read up on the technical information on Docker AWS and Azure as well as sign up for the private beta here.

[Via Docker Blog]

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