Design Tips To Sell Your House Faster [Infographic]

Design Tips To Sell Your House Faster [Infographic]

When it comes to selling your house, even small changes can have a noticeable effect on the final sale price or time it takes to sell. The problem is knowing which ones are a useful return for your time and money. From using stripes to make a space seem larger, to anticipating that buyers will snoop in cupboards, these tips and tricks will help ensure you get the best price, or fastest sale.

Having bought and sold a few times over the years, this guide really nails the need to sort out a range of small issues. As a seller, you want to make the house look as well maintained and modern as possible, but not have to do a full on renovation.

This is where tips such as replacing bathroom hardware is critical – it’s a cheap DIY job that just about anyone can do.

Don’t underestimate how nosy potential buyers can be either. It might work to jam all the clothes in the cupboard when the parents visit, but try and keep everything neat when selling. I know from personal experience that privacy be damned – as a buyer you want to see exactly how big that built in cupboard is, and too much clutter makes it look smaller.

What do you think helps a house sell faster, or for more money? And what do you notice as a buyer? Tell us in the comments.

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