Build A Sturdy, Heavy And Simple Workbench For Around $90

Build A Sturdy, Heavy And Simple Workbench For Around $90

Video: Workbenches can make your life a lot easier if you work out of your garage. There are a ton of variations for building your own, but over on Instructables, gearboxdesigns shows off a simple bench that’s pretty easy to make and comes in at around $US65 ($88).

There are cheaper designs out there, but gearbox’s is built for stability. Which is to say, this sucker’s going to weigh a ton when it’s done. Still, it uses pine, which will wear down a little quicker, but it also keeps the cost down significantly. Of course, you’ll need a little bit of woodworking skill to make this for yourself, but all told, it’s not a terribly complex project. Head over to Instructables for the full guide.

Cheap and Rad Roubo Style Workbench [Instructables]

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