Ask LH: Are There Any Good ANZ MoneyManager Alternatives?

Dear Lifehacker, I have been using ANZ's free MoneyManager for the last couple of years. It offers the ability to consolidate my financial accounts into one location. This can be sliced and diced and visualised to help me manage my money and make smart financial decisions. Sadly, ANZ is ending this application at the end of July. What similar options are available in Australia that can interrogate my disparate financial accounts and provide pretty graphs to help memanage my money? Thanks, Carino

Dear Carino,

For those who missed the news, ANZ recently announced its plans to discontinue MoneyManager. The web application will be shut down at the end of July.

"The way our customers are choosing to manage their personal finances online is changing, and as a result, we have seen a continuing decline in the use of the ANZ MoneyManager tool," ANZ explained on its blog. "ANZ will no longer be providing this service and we are no longer accepting new registrations. After 31st July 2016 existing ANZ MoneyManager customers will not be able to access or login to ANZ MoneyManager."

The first thing to do is export all the data you need before 31 July. Otherwise you'll permanently lose this information. You can find detailed instructions on how to do this on ANZ's website.

Fortunately, there are several great money management apps available online — which is probably why ANZ chose to can MoneyManager in the first place. Our favourite is still Pocketbook. This is a free app that integrates directly with every major Australian bank. It can be used to track your spending, send alerts for unusual fees and also offers a weekly summary of your spending. On the downside, there's no option to display share investments.

You can download Pocketbook for Android and iOS devices, or use the web version just like MoneyManager.

We've also heard good things about MoneyBrilliant, Wave and Yodlee but haven't tested them personally.

We'd also like to hear from readers on this. What's your favourite money management app? Let Carino know in the comments.

Cheers Lifehacker

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    I've been using MoneyBrilliant for nine months. I haven't tried PocketBook, but I did try Pocketsmith. MoneyBrilliant has some nice goal setting features, can calculate my net worth as well as budgeting and safe spending features. I just wish it was able to convert my overseas holdings into AUD, but they tell me that feature is coming soon.

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    "The first thing to do is export all the data you need before 1 June."

    Very helpful when it is already June 8?

    I have used both Yodlee and ANZ Money Manager. Yodlee is multiple interfaces and one of the interface (9x) is quite similar to ANZ MM. I guess ANZ MM used Yodee in the background. Give Yodlee a try, you should feel home if you have used ANZ MM.

    check out the forum on whirlpool there has been a very good discussion about alternatives going on there.

    I tried Pocketbook. At the time, it didn't have hooks into all the accounts I needed. I want something that can easily give me a net worth view -- ANZ MM was good for that. Too bad it's going.

    Pocketbook is no use if you have a token with your account

    For existing ANZ MM users looking to migrate to other Yodlee based services, PocketSmith, Money Brlliant, Boomeringo etc before 31st. I've setup a community group where I plan to post a side by side comparison of each service in coming weeks.

    These alternate service providers are aware of ANZ MM shutting down and they are interested in getting our business and feedback for what we want.

    I'm in discussion with the key contacts for these service providers. You'll also find details for accessing extended trials of premium plans, special discounts, and details on additional features specific to ANZ MM users e.g express importer tools from ANZ MM. These alternative service providers are listening to our feedback so if you have any please post to the group.

    @Chris-Jager - Could please update your article with community link - power is numbers.

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    The problem with GetPocketBook is they don't support paypal.

    As of today, Suncorp have locked us out of internet banking, and we have no access for 2 weeks and now need to pay for a token for internet banking. So either money managers will go broke if other banks follow suit, or don't bank with Suncorp if you want to use a modern day money manager.

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