An Easy Way To Practise Wheelies And Gain Confidence For Mountain Biking

If you're only comfortable on nice flat roads, the rocks and roots of mountain bike trails can be intimidating. Enter the wheelie: While it can take a lot of practise to master this move, you can get started easily by hopping up onto something as simple as a curb. Photo by Derek Lee.

Pro rider and coach Lindsey Voreis lays out a step-by-step process for beginners over at Bicycling. First, you probably already know that you can use your arms to pull up your front wheel to clear a small obstacle. A wheelie is similar, but you power the move by pushing down on your pedals, which shifts your weight back and helps you lift that front wheel.

Curbs make for a friendly start because you're unlikely to fall off something so small and steady. Once you can safely go up and down the curb, you're ready to try some rocks on the trail. Check out the link below for more on how to work up to these and other challenging trail obstacles.

The Wheelie: One Trick That Rules Them All [Bicycling]


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