13 Sleep Hacks For Business Travellers [Infographic]

13 Sleep Hacks For Business Travellers [Infographic]

One of the worst things about business travel is the lack of sleep: the combination of jet lag, early starts, unfamiliar beds and ever-changing time zones can lead to serious sleep deprivation. This infographic from SleepyPeoplé provides 13 tips for weary road worriers.

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Going away on business doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have a poor night’s sleep. There are ways to combat the exhaustion; from making sure you stay properly hydrated to taking your own travel pillow. The infographic provides 13 hacks broken down into each step of the journey: from airport to hotel room.

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  • Apparently with a travel pillow, the best way to use it is in the opposite direction so that the “meat” of it is in front of you under your chin. This supports your neck a lot more and you are less likely to get woken up as your head tilts and falls forward.

    I’ve not tried this yet, but will be on my next flight!

  • Recently whilst on a holiday in the states I purchased a set of ClearArmor 141001 earmuffs, they were about $25USD. While packing I decided to put them in my carry on luggage, It was one of my smartest loves ever.

    Ear plugs are uncomfortable and don’t work nearly as well, but these earmuffs did an amazing job of blocking out most of the aircraft engine noise, I could sneak a set of ear buds under them and they were so comfortable.

    Neck pillow + ear muffs + sleeping mask/eye cover = aeroplane sensory deprivation sleeping paradise. Happy snoring.

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