Why It's OK To Pull The Handbrake Without Pushing The Button

It turns out that, despite the noise, it's perfectly fine to yank up on your handbrake without pushing the button. Here's why. At some point you've probably been one of these two people: the person that loudly yanks the handbrake up without pushing the button (to your passenger's horror), or the horrified passenger wondering why the driver hates their car so much. In this video from the Engineering Explained YouTube Channel, Jason Fenske explains how your handbrake works and why the button is really only for releasing the brake.

Basically, it's a simple ratchet system. As you pull up on the handbrake, a latch moves over several teeth (the noise you hear) until you stop and it gets caught and can't go down without the button being pressed. As Fenske explains, it's designed to work that way and it's the same way a socket wrench works — just on a larger, much louder scale. So, if you don't mind the noise, pull the handbrake without pushing the button as much as you like. Just don't ever try to force the handbrake down without pushing the button.

Always Push the Handbrake Button? Myth Busted [YouTube]


    I honestly thought that was common sense....

      Same, the only reason i clicked on this thread because I thought the title was another mis-leading title...
      but nope, its literally as it states...

    Seriously? How is this a story. For twenty years of driving, I have always pulled the handle without pushing in the button. Anyone over the age of thirty would. The button is only there in order to release the handbrake to push it down.

    A lot of people don't actually know how things work and are taught very early not to force things
    So if you do something and it makes a loud noise that is probably bad. And if there is a button and that stops the loud noise then that button should probably be used.

      Sounds like a lot of people, especially the millennial generation, suffer a massive lack of simple life skills.

    sure explain this now... just as manual handbrakes are replaced with automatic button style ones

    "This is a 17-year-old car, with well over 100,000 miles..."

    And a fuckload of pubes on the handbrake by the looks of it...

    Another article might be:

    "Why it's OK to go from R to D, D to N, N to D, without pushing the button in an automatic transmission."

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