When Should You Throw Out Your Old Makeup? [Infographic]

Most makeup products don't list an expiry date on the packaging — but this doesn't mean they last forever. Quality degradation, flakes of dead skin and harmful bacteria are just a few of the reasons you might want to clear out your vanity. Remember — you're putting this stuff on your face! If you're unsure when to replace old, half-used cosmetics, this handy cheat sheet lists the "best before" dates for 21 common products.

The inforgraphic below comes from the Danish makeup price-comparison site dreammodels. In addition to breaking down average expiry dates for mascara, lipstick, foundation, etc, it also provides tips for healthy makeup application.

[Via dreammodels]


    Huh. Based on nearly every woman's bathroom I've ever been in, I could've sworn conventional wisdom on when to throw out half-used cosmetics is 'never'.

    Once it's expired, make-up apparently serves the purpose of building blocks in some sort of abstract bottle/tube-fortresses that allow the owner to express their creativity in storage-space manipulation.

    I've never had an infection from 'old' makeup. I think most of it is a crock of sh*t to get you to throw stuff out and buy more. Unless you wear the exact same thing daily, you won't get through a lot of those products in the time they say. I'd like to see some studies showing what kind of 'bacteria' is supposedly colonising your make up and whether or not it causes disease or issues and whether the older it is the more bacteria you get.

    The only thing I can kind of believe is that SOME makeup will lose quality the older it is or if it dries out (mascara, nail polish, etc.)

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