ValueMyCV Calculates Your Market Value Based On Your CV

ValueMyCV Calculates Your Market Value Based On Your CV

Working out precisely what you should be earning can be difficult in today’s job climate. With individual work contracts becoming the norm, there’s no way of knowing whether you’re making more — or less — than your co-workers. ValueMyCV is a new web app from Adzuna that calculates your true value based on the information on your CV.

ValueMyCV is a neural network built by job search website Adzuna that has been trained on 50,000 CVs. It bases its salary evaluations on more than 100 different aspects of your CV with an emphasis on employment history, education and job titles. The computing model is sophisticated enough to parse the information automatically — you simply upload your CV and the app does the rest.

Naturally, having lots of information on your CV will translate to better accuracy. In other words, it’s best to use your complete CV with all the “irrelevant” bits that you usually cut out when applying for jobs.

Users are also advised to stick to a standard, uniform CV structure to make it easier for the app to extract the required data. For example, ensure work experience is set out in the same format as employment history so that it counts towards your total.

Adzuna freely admits that not every profession is suited to ValueMyCV: things like very high and very low salaries, academic positions, niche occupations and jobs that rely heavily on commissions tend to trip up the network. As mentioned, it’s also imperative to list as much information as possible.

“We are very good figuring out someones full work experience and education but occasionally we can’t and this tends to be because of the structure of the CV,” Adzuna explained to Lifehacker.

In all, the process takes under a minute and our in-house testing returned some pretty accurate results. You can try it for yourself here. Let us know how you go in the comments!

[Via Adzuna]


  • Now how to get my company to buy into the algorithm that sits behind this and get a hefty pay rise…

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