Use Mushy, Over-Ripe Tomatoes To Make An Amazing Vinaigrette 

Use Mushy, Over-Ripe Tomatoes To Make An Amazing Vinaigrette 

This tomato-based dressing from Bar Tartine is used in the restaurant’s Staff Salad, but can be used on any pile of plant parts that needs an herby, tasty, tomato-y boost.

Photo by Daniella Segura.

To make it, grab 3-4 super-ripe, almost mushy tomatoes and push them through a fine mesh strainer, collecting the resulting juice. Note the volume of juice collected. Blanche a few sprigs of oregano blend them up in the oil of your choice. (You want a 50/50 mixture of juice to oil, so use as much oil as you have juice.)

Strain the oil through cheese cloth and whisk into the juice. Season with salt and a couple of tablespoons of white balsamic vinegar. Drizzle, eat and repeat.

Bar Tartine’s Staff Salad [Lucky Peach]

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