Use Diced Tomatoes To Make A Quick, Umami-Packed Broth

If you find yourself in need of some savoury broth, but don't have any on hand, grab a tomato. Then make this quick, umami-packed liquid for use in curries, soups or any other recipe that calls for broth. Photo by Sean Hickin.

To make a light, bright broth, replace the amount of broth the recipe calls for with half the amount of water and half diced tomatoes. (Food 52 recommends fresh, but I think canned would work in a pinch.) Dried tomatoes also make a great base for broth. Just throw a handful of them into some water, bring to a boil and let steep for half an hour. You can strain them out and use the soaking water as you would any broth, or blend them in for richer flavour.

6 Anything-But-Bland Substitutes for Broth (& How to Use Them) [Food 52]


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