Telstra Outage: What To Do If You’re Still Experiencing Service Disruptions

On Friday, Telstra was hit with another massive network outage that affected hundreds of thousands of customers. Currently, some customers still don’t have working internet. Here’s what to do if you’re connection is till on the fritz.

“Although most NBN and ADSL services were restored yesterday evening, we are aware that a small number of customers are still experiencing difficulties connecting to the network,” Telstra admitted on its support page early. “These are residual issues preventing re-connection to the network that we’re working to resolve as quickly as possible.”

Here are five troubleshooting suggestions and things to do while you wait:

#1 Leave your modem alone

“During this time we ask customers to keep their modem connected and powered-on and not reset it as this can cause further complications,” Telstra explains.

#2 Use your phone as a hotspot

If there’s something you desperately need to do online, connect your computer to your phone’s Wi-Fi connection. (If you’re with Telstra, this should still work as the latest outage has not affected its mobile network.) Just be mindful of excess data charges: emails and social media are okay, Netflix; not so much.

#3 Hit up free public Wi-Fi

It’s a lovely day out. If you need to get work done or just can’t bear to be offline, lug your laptop to the nearest cafe or pub with free Wi-Fi.

#4 Sign into Telstra Air

As a Telstra customer, you currently have free access to the telco’s public Wi-Fi network. If you’re near one of Telstra’s hot spots, you might not even need to leave the house. You can find more information here.

#5 Read a book

Books are awesome and they don’t require access to the internet. Here are some science fiction and business recommendations, many of which should be available at your local library.

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