Massive Telstra Outage: NBN And ADSL Services Are Down Across Australia

Massive Telstra Outage: NBN And ADSL Services Are Down Across Australia

Telstra has once again been knocked out of action with widespread network outages affecting broadband customers across the country. NBN and ADSL voice and data services in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide and a number of regional centres haven’t been working properly since midnight. has reported that hundreds of Telstra customers on the telco’s BigPond broadband service had trouble connecting to the internet at around 12am last night. As of the time of writing, the issue is still affecting many.

It’s the fourth major outage on the Telstra network in as many months. Disgruntled customers have taken to social media to vent their frustrations. The outage also appears to be affecting business broadband customers:

Telstra has responded to customers on Facebook and Twitter saying it is working to restore services “ASAP”. It has also issued the following statement on its support page about the “Unplanned Service Disruption”:

We’re aware of an incident affecting NBN voice and data and ADSL customers. We are working to restore services ASAP. More updates to come.

You can check whether your street or suburb is affected here.

Telstra can’t seem to catch a break lately. Earlier in the month, the telco’s chief operations officer announced that the company was investing $50 million to prevent outages across its network. A few hours later, there was another outage. Oh, the irony.

We’ll have more news as it comes. In the meantime, let’s talk about what to download on the inevitable free data day.


  • Not hundreds of customers but I would say hundreds of thousands if not more. The outage page isn’t of much use if you only get 1 minute of up time then 15 down 🙁

  • There’s a massive bias towards Telstra outages compared to other telcos. On Wednesday there was an outage from iiNet, Optus and Vodafone, no one bats an eye. Telstra has an outage and everyone loses their minds on social media

    • To be fair, Telstra has more customers, so it stands to reason that there would be more “noise” on social media. We also reported on the iiNet outage, for what it’s worth.

    • If you got through the stories they were reported on here or giz. But as said they do have a lot more customers.

  • I genuinely can’t believe that Telstra’s allowed to have this many outages and not be held liable to some degree by its customers. If you’re providing a service that has this level of fault then I think customers should be allowed to cancel contracts.

  • They will offer a free data day on a Sunday. You know to help business that suffer the worst through these outages.

  • Why can’t they just fix their bloody hardware/infrastructure? Clearly there is something wrong with it and they are not doing anything to rectify it. 4th time in a row, this is not funny anymore Telstra.

    • Don’t you think they would’ve fixed it if they knew what it was. They’re not doing this for shit and giggles.

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