Steam Potatoes Instead Of Boiling Them For Faster Prep

Steam Potatoes Instead of Boiling Them for Faster Prep

Need to soften potatoes, pronto? Don't waste time boiling potatoes for fries or other dishes, use steam instead.

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As Epicurious points out, steaming has all the benefits of boiling, but at a fraction of the time. You need just half an inch or so of water to soften the potatoes up, as opposed to waiting for water to boil. It's kind of like steaming eggs instead of boiling them for hard-cooked eggs: You achieve the same results in less time and with less energy wasted.

Four Ways to Pick Up the Pace with Potato Cooking [Epicurious]


    pierce them with a fork all over and microwave them on a paper towel, if you only need a few. One or two at a time for about 3-5 minutes each spud.

    My favourite though:
    Baked in oven - pierce with forks and wrap in foil for an hour or so 180C-200C.
    BEST taste ever, sour cream, butter, cheese, bacon pieces (also baked in oven until crispy), spring onions.

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