Spotify's Family Plan Just Got Cheaper And Better

Spotify just upgraded it's family plan so that's it's a much better deal. You can now have up to six members on a plan for just $17.99 a month, which just so happens to match Apple Music's own family plan. You could previously add up to four people to an existing Spotify Premium account for an additional $7.20 per person — meaning $35.99 total if you're a family of five. But now it's just a flat rate of $17.99 for up to six members, matching both Apple Music and Google Play Music's similar plans.

Of course, the people on your plan don't literally need to be family, so it's a great deal if you split the tab with a few trusted friends.

Spotify Family Plan Gets an Upgrade [Spotify]


    Thanks for the heads up, have signed up and am now recruiting friends :D

      hey mate, let me know if you want to fill a spot in the family plan.. cheers

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