Seven Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats [Infographic]

According to recent research, most dogs do not enjoy being hugged or cuddled by their owners. But they put up with it anyway because they love you. This infographic lists seven scientific facts about canines that support the "man's best friend" colloquialism. In short, they might hate hugs, but they're still better than cats.

The infographic below comes from Pet Insurance U. It's basically an attempt to guilt-trip dog owners into keeping their pets by explaining the empathetic qualities they share with humans.

For example, did you know that dogs can laugh? Apparently, recorded playback of "happy pants" reduces stress related behavior in shelter dogs. Oxytocin levels in dogs (AKA the "love hormone") also rises in dogs when they play with their owners. Awww.

[Via Pet Insurance U]


    Ha! Clean that out of your Kitty Litter Cat Lovers!

    I don't know how much I trust that hug stat though. So many dogs I know throw themselves at people to get hugs. Seriously when I go out in the morning to say hi to my dog he is in my lap instantly and he isn't a small dog who practically has to be in your lap before you can pat him.

    Also, that's just seven reasons why dogs are cool. This info-graphic hasn't provided any evidence that cats don't do the same, I'm not saying they do.

      It's specifically the "hug" thing- wrapping your arms around its body or neck- that they don't like. Pats/scratching etc is cool.

      I have seen other earlier research that says dogs value physical contact with their owners very highly, based on testing their behaviours, so in my mind that trumps research that says "We looked at random photos of strangers and we reckon..."

      Some would true of cats, but they aren't pack animals so a lot probably aren't, like the grieving, refusing treats or approaching crying strangers. Juvenile rats "laugh" when they play, so I imagine most relatively intelligent mammals probably do at least when they are young. We are "pack" animals too, so we value those behaviours pretty highly. Cats are definitely affectionate to their owners, just not in all the same ways.

    if dogs are so great why is the internet obsessed with cats? -_-

      Dogs act the way we wish people did, cats act the way people actually do

      The same reason the internet is obsessed with the Kardashians and failure.

        aren't those two examples actually just the same thing. please provide more than one example.

        Last edited 20/05/16 12:05 pm

    Nah, cats are better because... f*** dogs.

      I actually wouldn't advise doing that.

    Yes, we all know dogs are clingy, dependent and starved for attention
    Dog owners are more likely to be sociopathic because they need constant validation and obedience from their pets, both Napoleon and Hitler hated cats because they wouldn't listen to them

    - Are loyal, but only if they trust you and you must earn their trust, like a human
    - Are independent, they can feed themselves without a master, where a dog would starve
    - Are quiet, nothing is as annoying as a loud dog
    - Don't sniff other cat's bums and bury their waste
    - They don't drink out of the toilet and then lick you
    - Can massage
    - Can sit in a chair
    - Is braver than people
    - Can evict bad tenants
    - Can bark
    - Can open doors like velociraptors
    - Can replace harry houdini
    - Can do a better job than a secretary
    - Can be patriotic
    - Can eat human food
    - Are master trolls

    Cats are tired of proving their superior nature to dog owners

      the fact that you validated all your points to youtube videos. shows that cat owners may indeed be the insecure ones.

        It wasn't a cat owner who created an INFOGRAPHIC about the obvious superiority their pet, and that you had to reply to my post proves that dog owners are insecure about their preferred choice of pet

        Dogs and their owners always start trouble, so cats have to put them in their place

        The Egyptians were right
        Cats rule and dogs drool
        Deal with it :3

          the fact i own a cat and not a dog renders your point invalid.

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