Food Safety Alert: Exploding Tomatoes!

Food Safety Alert: Exploding Tomatoes!

A brand of SPC tinned tomatoes has been recalled from Coles, Woolworths and IGA for potentially exploding in customer’s faces. No really. Apparently, increased air pressure in the can is to blame.

SPC has warned customers not to open 400g cans of Ardmona Whole Peeled Vine Ripened Tomatoes due to “packaging integrity”:

Increased air pressure in a specific batch of cans may cause an explosion when the product is opened. In addition to getting tomato all over your face, this can also result in serious injury.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand has published the safety recall on its website.

“SPC Ardmona Limited has recalled Ardmona Whole Peeled Vine Ripened Tomatoes from Coles, Woolworths and IGA/independent supermarkets nationally due to an issue with packaging integrity of a specific batch causing increased pressure in the can,” the government agency explained. “There is a potential risk of injury when opening this product.”

Unusual food recalls are issued on a regular basis (who could forget Woolworth’s recent redback spider scare?) but exploding tomatoes is definitely a new one.

Consumers are advised to dispose of unopened products with the applicable code (007CM / 7 March 2015) and contact SPC Customer Service on 1800 805 168 for a full refund.

Alternatively, don some safety goggles and engage in Russian Tomato Roulette with your buddies. You know you want to.

[Via Food Standards Australia New Zealand]


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