Ramp Up Your Savings By Having Two ‘Zero-Dollar Days’ Per Week

Ramp Up Your Savings By Having Two ‘Zero-Dollar Days’ Per Week

If you’re looking to tighten your budget so you can put a few more coins in your piggy bank, this simple approach will get you spending less and curb your desire to constantly be buying things. Photo by Joe the Goat Farmer.

Redditor Oax_Mike shared his secret in the personal finance subreddit: having two days per week where he doesn’t spend a cent. This trick is more than just a clever budgeting tactic, however, it’s also a mind trick. It helps you realise how little you actually need on a day-to-day basis, and it helps you avoid budget-breaking impulse purchases. If you pass on a purchase on one of your zero-dollar days, you probably won’t come back on a normal day to buy it. And if you do, you know for certain that it’s something you really do want. You’ll have to do a little planning to make this work, but it will be more than worth it. If two days a week is too hard to commit to at first, start with having a monthly “free weekend” and work your way toward it.

Saving Tip: Try to Have 2 $0 Spent Days Per Week [Reddit via Apartment Therapy]


      • So you just pre-emptively spend money for that day before hand. So you’re still spending the same yeah that works.

  • Interesting idea – might give it a go to try and find those random purchases that aren’t necessary.

    @g-man, I think it means plan ahead to pay and prepare your food for the day – so you don’t buy anything at work; or go out that weekend.

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