Popular Sorting Algorithms, Taught With Folk Dancing

I've heard of alternative ways to learn complex concepts, but dancing? Well, if it works, it works, especially if you enjoy dudes in tight pants and hats showing you the intimate internals of quicksorting.

The appropriately-titled YouTube channel "AlgoRythmics", shows a variety of sorting algorithms in action, including the ever-popular quicksort, to the "Why aren't you using quicksort?" bubble sort.

Sadly, the channel appears to have been abandoned, with the last video posted five years ago, so those looking for a footloose version of the in-vogue introsort are out of luck.

Still, I can't think of a better way of convincing your computer science lecturer on the educational merits of watching YouTube.

AlgoRythmics [YouTube]


    That was sort of nice!

    From now on, I'm naming all my temporary variables ThighSlapper1, ThighSlapper2, ThighSlapper3...

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