Passlok Simplifies Email Encryption So Anyone Can Use It

Web/Chrome/Android/iOS: We've shown you how to encrypt your email with PGP, but it can be daunting to get started with. Passlok is a webapp, mobile app and Chrome app that makes the process easy, and there's a Chrome extension that even integrates with Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo. The video above is your classic "Alice and Bob want to exchange secret messages" scenario, narrated by Passlok creator Francisco Ruiz, Associate Professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology. He walks through using Passlok to create a "lock" and "key" for secure messaging, and then sending the "lock" to others so they can send in secure messages for which only you have the key — it's an apt description of how PGP works, just couched in how Passlok does the job.

Passlok itself, available for iOS, Android, as a webapp and as a Chrome app, works on its own without really installing anything, so you can generate your key and use it to lock and unlock messages freely without saving anything on your computer (useful for loaner or work PCs) or by installing the app and using it for messages you receive or send on your own devices. The Passlock for Email extension for Chrome streamlines things even further, and brings that functionality to the webmail services you already use, namely Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo.

Best of all, Passlok is open source, so you can deliver feedback on how the app works directly to the developer, file issues or bugs you run int, or, if you're a developer yourself, contribute to the project. If you want to give it a try, hit the links below to learn more, or to get started with it right away.

Passlok Passlok for Email (Free) [Chrome Web Store]


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