Optus Is Aggressively Expanding SMB Services In Australia

Optus Is Aggressively Expanding SMB Services In Australia

Optus has announced a renewed focus on “tailored SMB solutions” for Australia’s two million-plus small business owners. As part of its Small Business Network strategy, 126 new small business specialist stores have been created, along with a local call centre dedicated to SMB customers. It’s also roped in Ian Thorpe and Mark Wahlberg to help spruik the service. As you do.

Optus’ expanded Small Business Network will see 126 specialist stores opening around the country (for a total of 152) and a dedicated SMB call centre team based in Adelaide. The bolstered rollout will also include the ability for customers to tailor services to meet their specific needs and 24-hour support via the introduction of Premium Support services.

“Many SMB operators are time-poor and want access to quality service around the clock. Whilst many are happy to visit our stores for a fast transaction off-the-shelf, we know others require a premium level of service to help them grow and we’re committed to delivering that,” Optus’ small business managing director Rob Parcell said in a statement.

“Most small businesses owners don’t work ‘nine-to-five’. They conduct their business from their home, the front seat of a van or a shared innovation space. They need access to a reliable, high-speed connection to the world and an expert team who understands their unique communication needs.”

Curiously, Optus has hired Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe and Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg as the faces of its SMB push. This seems like an odd pairing. If you’re wondering what these men have to do with the SMB sector, Wahlberg recently launched his own small business venture (a burger chain dubbed Wahlburgers), while Ian Thorpe is Ian Thorpe. Seems legit.

You can find out more about Optus’ Small Business Network and Thorpy/Marky Mark’s tenuous link to it, head to Optus’ website.

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