Optus Announces New Mobile POS Technology For Retailers

Optus Announces New Mobile POS Technology For Retailers

Optus has announced a new service called Retail Assist, a POS capability that will allow retailers to carry out tasks such as processing sales, checking stock and accessing customer information, all from a mobile device within the store.

Optus is just the latest of many to experiment with digital platforms for point-of-sale, and Retail Assist will be delivered ‘as-a-service’, easily scalable from small to large retailers. It can either be hosted, or integrated with existing systems, and the service is managed by Optus Business for customers on a 24-month plan — including ongoing upgrades as the service progresses.

The service enabled functionality like end of day reporting, inventory management, sales performance data and other features that make it easier and more attractive for customers to shop, such as click-and-collect.

“Customers want staff to be able to provide stock availability quickly rather than check ‘out the back’. They want product specs and sizes, and the ability to buy the item wherever they are in store,” says David Caspari, Vice President of Business Technology and Solutions at Optus Business. “Retail Assist delivers a win-win experience because it equips staff with the tools they need to deliver a great customer experience.”

Retail Assist isn’t meant to replace existing POS systems, but augment them, and create an easier POS ecosystem for both staff and business owners. Optus says that the service can help to increase business efficiency by centralising processes, improving staff productivity and optimising floor space.

“Optus Business developed Retail Assist in response to requests from retailers for better ways to service their customers. We were mindful that retailers typically already had sizeable investments in various point of sale, customer management and other systems, so we designed Retail Assist to integrate all these systems, ensuring they complement rather than replace existing technologies,” said Mr Caspari.