Make A No-Kill Mouse Trap With A Soft Drink Bottle

Video: If you find yourself with an uninvited mouse guest and want a humane solution to catch the critter, you can easily make a non-lethal trap with just a soft drink bottle mounted on a pivot.

DIY tinkerer Chris Notap shows us how it’s done on YouTube. It’s a very clever solution in its simplicity, and it’s also infinitely reusable for those recurring rodent visits. You’ll notice from his instructions that it’s particularly important you correctly place the pivot so that the bottle’s mouth is just barely raised but tilts once the mouse goes in. Where you release the critter is up to you.

How to Make a Simple 2L Humane Mousetrap via BoingBoing


  • I made a simpler one last year. Taped a paperclip to the end of a ruler, which I used to stick a lump of cheese. Attached the ruler mid-way to a shelf in the pantry with some elastic. Underneath the cheese end of the ruler I placed a bucket.

    Premise was simple, mouse would run along the ruler to get the cheese, its weight would send the see-saw of a ruler downward, dropping the mouse into the bucket. When it dropped, the ruler would return to its original position.

    Caught a family of about 6 mice in one night. No need to reset the trap, it returned to its original position after dropping the mouse. Took the bucket to the reserve down the road and let them go.

  • Just wondering…Does anyone catch and release other pests, like cockroaches or rats? Or do mice get a pass because Walt made a cartoon character once?

    • I catch and release spiders, moths, bees. I don’t care for this Walt guy, I don’t go out of my way to kill anything except flies and mosquitoes. All bets are off.

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