Killer Interview Question: What Is Australia’s GDP Growth Rate?

Killer Interview Question: What Is Australia’s GDP Growth Rate?

You don’t have to be an economist to answer this week’s KIQ. Don’t worry.

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Given the number of tricky questions you’ve seen on KIQ, it’s easy to assume that some hiring managers are simply sadists that like to watch their victims interviewees squirm in their seats. But often they just want to see if a job applicant can think on their feet.

Even so, “What is the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate” sticks out as a question that would make even the calmest interviewee sweat if they didn’t know the answer. This is a question that is asked by a senior executive who is part of the Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG).

I’m guessing not many people know Australia’s GDP rate off by heart and the figure changes throughout the year (it’s at three per cent as of March 2016, in case you’re wondering). If you’re one of the unlucky targets of this question, you may feel embarrassed if you don’t know the answer. You might get flustered and make up a lame excuse. You may even ease the tension with a bit of humour.

Lucky for you, it’s likely the hiring manager who asks this question doesn’t expect you to know the answer. They just want to see how you respond so they can find out more about you as a person.

How would you tackle this question? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Its one I’d happen to know, or get near enough to matter, but yeah, its not about getting the answer rigght, its about the reaction.

    • My reaction would be to pull out my phone and find out. I hope the interviewer appreciates my directness in solution discovery!

      • Thats one they’d probably look at favorably.

        But thats the sort of thing they’re looking for – what do you do if you dont know. How good are your research skills, and how well do you react on the spot?

        I’d have gone with 2.7% to 3% off the top of my head, but my job means I sorta keep on top of finances as a matter of course, so kinda know the range anyway. Question could be anything though, its mostly a Macguffin.

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