Keep Natural Fibre Rope From Fraying With Waxed Dental Floss

Natural fibre rope frays pretty easily, and you can't just melt the ends like with nylon rope. If you want to stop the fraying, some waxed dental floss and a little knot know-how will do the trick. In this video, Bryan Black at ITS Tactical demonstrates how to make a common "whipping", or special knot that prevents fraying strands at the end of a rope. The process involves gathering the frayed strands at the end of the rope, creating a bite (or large loop) you lay out along the length of the whipping you want to make, then tightly wrapping the dental floss around the strands and your large loop over and over, leaving a small loop peeking out at the end of the whipping. Once you've wound your floss around the rope, you pull your excess line through the small hoop, and pull at the line at the base of your whipping to capture it so it doesn't get loose. It might sound a little confusing, but the video demonstration makes everything clear. Once you're all done, the waxed dental floss will hold the frayed end together so you don't have to buy any new rope.

Knot of the Week Video: Whipping Natural Fibre Rope with Waxed Dental Floss [ITS Tactical]


    Or a few wraps with electrical tape or duct tape works.

    And yet another use for dental floss! haha nice. I bet the dental floss 'creator(?)' had no idea they developed such a useful/versatile product which is probably more widely used for other stuff than its intended purpose!

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