Instagram Gets An Interface Overhaul And A Colourful New Icon

Android/iOS: Instagram was experimenting with a simpler black and white design a few weeks ago, and now they’re rolling that change out to everyone with a new icon. The colourful new icon’s great and all, but the app itself has a new look too. Gone are the blue bars, and in their place is a simple, monochromatic design that uses red for the notifications. It’s a simple change, but it does make the app a bit nicer too look at use. Besides Instagram, their other apps, Layout, Boomerang and Hyperlapse, are all getting an update too. You can snag the new version on both Android and iPhone right now.

Instagram (Free) [Google Play via Instagram Instagram (Free) [iTunes App Store via Instagram]


  • God that’s awful. Is there a way to block updates to apps on ios without turning off auto update altogether? Want to keep that new Top news feed away from my instagram as long as possible.

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