Schedule A Morning Interview For The Best Chance At Getting Hired

The time of day your job interview is scheduled can impact your chances of an offer, according to a new survey of over 2200 CFOs from various companies. Mornings are the best time, most agreed, and you have a short window to make a good impression.

Three in five CFOs said that the best time to conduct a hiring interview is between 9am and 11am, so skip the idea of a lunch hour or post-lunch interview if you can. Not everyone will have a say in the schedule, but if you are asked for a preference, make that your slot. In fact, previous research suggests Tuesdays at 10:30am is the absolute best time for time for interviews.

Also, 60% of the surveyed CFOs said that you would have a maximum of 15 minutes to make a good impression. In fact, most of them would give you less than 10 minutes, so try to shine early.

A first impression starts with the initial handshake. What you wear, your demeanour and body language are details that interviewers assess within the first few minutes of meeting someone.

You should probably brush up on what body language mistakes to avoid, and even prepare a few good stories so that you can answer the inevitable first question: "Tell me about yourself."

Timing May Be Everything When It Comes To Landing A Job [Robert Half]

Here's the Best Time and Length to Schedule a Job Interview


    Other advice I've seen:
    - Try to advoid Mondays and Fridays - aim for 10-2, Tuesday-to-Thursday
    - Don't be just before or just after lunch
    - Don't be the first appointment of the day
    - Don't take an interview too late in the hiring process (decision fatiqgue)
    - Never be the first interviewee (you will never beat the benchmark)

    The last three are harder, as it assumes you can know about how quickly they are seeing people, or how long they have been searching

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