GorillaStack Helps IT Managers Keep Track Of Where They Spend

As businesses begin to adopt cloud technology to reduce their operating costs, more and more are falling victim to cloud bill shock — where the unseen costs of support, tools or skills can eat into planned budgets. GorillaStack allows IT managers to automate their cloud infrastructure and receive real-time notifications about their expenses, tools which can save up to 40 per cent on cloud deployments.

GorillaStack was founded by three Sydney men, Elliott Spira, Chris Ellis, and Oliver Berger. They've come from IT backgrounds themselves — where Ellis experienced an unusually high bill from cloud services in his role as chief digital officer. "I got an unexpectedly high bill, so it caused me and my CTO to look into what was driving that and then we took action to try to reduce that bill," he said.

Liz Leigh from Startup Daily has looked into the Aussie entrepreneurs' service in more depth:

At the core, GorillaStack uses different methods to automate savings, specific to each company. For example, the startup will turn unused servers on and off when a company is not using them. So if the development team heads home at 6pm the servers can be powered down and will be brought back up in the morning when work commences.
“Unlike other offerings in the market, GorillaStack’s Insights requires no upfront investment or commitment to long-term contracts, and savings are immediate. It also caters to companies of all sizes; from smaller organisations, which may have immature cloud setups, to larger businesses who are often prone to over-provisioning cloud services,” said Berger.
GorillaStack currently works off a monthly subscription model with preset tiers that key into the typical Amazon Web Services bill. For instance the tiers are set monthly for USD$0-5,000, $5,000-20,000 and $20,000-50,000. The charge of these tiers come to between one to two percent of a customer’s bill size. For more than $50,000 worth of bills, customers can call GorillaStack to work out a separate plan.

GorillaStack cites one of their largest challenges to be the fact that it's aimed at developers rather than a CFO or CCO — and accordingly it's looking at offering a free trial for interested developers. Regardless, GorillaStack boasts paying customers in most geographic locations around the world, and the team are looking towards growing both their services and their customer base in the future.

You can read more about GorillaStack at Startup Daily.


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