GitHub Catches Up With Competitors, Offers Unlimited Private Repositories

GitHub has been slowly and steadily improving its platform. Just this year it's introduced browser file uploads, commit "reactions" and user blocking. These were nice, but didn't add much to the service's appeal. Unlimited private repositories however? That's not bad.

The likes of GitLab and BitBucket have had unlimited private repositories for a while, so in comparison, GitHub's five-repo limit is almost prehistoric, especially seeing as you're paying for the privilege. That's no longer a point of difference, with GitHub removing the cap last week.

Unfortunately, the ability to have private repos is still limited to paid plans. On a more positive note, GitHub has simplified its pricing tiers (in US dollars):

GitHub will always be free for public and open source projects, but starting today there are just two ways to pay for

Personal: $7/month Organization: $9/user/month, $25/month for your first five users

Compared to its competitors, GitHub is looking in better shape, though it can afford to be lax on the pricing front given its popularity with the likes of Microsoft and Google. Still, if you're not a multinational, it's not enough just yet to move to GitHub if you're hosted elsewhere.

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