Get Crispy, Cheesy Bits All Up In Your Tacos By Griddling Cheese With The Meat

Anyone can shred some cheese and put it on top of a taco, but by adding it to the meat as it's cooking, you'll get all kinds of melty, crispy, cheesy bits, taking your taco to a whole new level. Photo by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt.

J. Kenji Lopez-Alt of Serious Eats picked up this tip on a recent trip to Yucatán, where he discovered that not only is cheese on tacos definitely "a thing", but a thing that can be even better than previously imagined. You can apply this technique to any taco filling, but I'd highly recommend giving it a go with Kenji's carnitas recipe (linked below).

To get these intensely flavourful and savoury tacos of your dreams, prepare your meat of choice and shred or cut into taco-appropriate-sized pieces. Place the meat in little piles on a griddle or cast iron pan and let it heat and crisp up a bit. Next, add shredded Oxaca or low-moisture mozzarella and let it brown, baby, brown, then flip the piles of meaty, cheesy goodness over and say "hello" to the other side. Shovel into tortillas, shovel into your mouth and be happy, my friend.

The Yucatecan Secret for Adding Crispy, Cheesy Flavour to Any Taco [Serious Eats]


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