Did You Negotiate Your Salary For Your Current Job?

Did You Negotiate Your Salary for Your Current Job?

Even though you shouldn't be afraid to negotiate a higher salary, many of us don't do that. This mistake can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars over your career lifetime. We're curious: Did you negotiate a raise or your starting salary?

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Also, were you successful?

In their survey of over 2,015 US adults, Glassdoor reports that the majority of employees — 3 in 5 — took the salary they were offered, rather than negotiating. Women negotiated less than men did, and men were three times more successful than women at negotiating higher pay. Age might play a role in it as well, with 66% of workers ages 45-54 accepting the initial salary offer.

It's scary to ask for more pay, especially when it's a new job or you've never asked for a raise before. If you can make a good case for yourself, however, simply asking could improve your financial picture.

Have you negotiated your salary? Tell us about the experience in the comments.


    Last job, promised me a raise and never gave it to me. Told them I've got a new job and they offered it to me immediately. Ended up quitting and taking the new job which was 30% more than I was being paid at my old one. I tried negotiating a higher starting salary at the new one but wasn't really successful as they pulled the offer as soon as I went to negotiate...hard ball was played!

    I definitely recommend negotiating salaries.

    At my first job, I just accepted the conditions provided to me. 2 years down the track, I asked for a raise. I felt because I was such a pushover the first time, they didn't take my request seriously and didn't offer any increase at all. Needless to say, I found another job which would pay more.

    At my current job, I had 2 job prospects on the go. I asked for the same conditions at both companies. In the end, I had both jobs being offered to me. I played them off each other. By doing so, I improved my salary by over 25%.

    I'm a public servant. In general we dont get to negotiate our salaries, they're sorta pre-determined :(

    After you are offered a position, you should turn the tables: now you interview them: ask them about flexibility, cultural practices in the workplace, WHS management, negotiate your leave and pay arrangements, discuss salary sacrifice and packaging, and of course, they want you, so stake a claim for salary. If they pass the interview, get it all documented and you're on your way.

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