Check If A Clothier Offers Free Repairs To Save Money On A Tailor

Spending more for quality clothing is always a good idea, but even quality clothiers screw up sometimes. Instead of spending more to take it to a tailor to be repaired, re-sewn or re-hemmed, check with the manufacturer — many offer surprisingly good repair or replacement policies. Image from Robert Sheie.

Obviously a call to their customer service or quick check on the manufacturer's web site will tell you if they do free repairs, or what their warranty policies look like. It's worth remembering that most only repair clothing damaged due to a manufacturing error, that's defective or has worn out too quickly — essentially something that's their fault. For example, I recently noticed two small holes in a shirt I bought from American Giant. I emailed their customer service and they offered to replace the shirt since it shouldn't have worn out by now. Put This On has a list of manufacturers, including big names like Barbour and Alden, that offer these kinds of repairs.

A Service Directory for Cleaning and Repairing Clothes [Put This On]


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