Briefly: Planet 9 Weirdness, Ford Mustang Review, Dead TV Shows

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Planet 9 just got weirder, TV shows that were cancelled before their time, how Optus stole the English Premier League from Foxtel.

  • The Australian dollar just took its biggest hit in nearly five years. Business Insider has the story.
  • Planet Nine — if it exists — has one of the strangest orbits in our solar system. Everything we learn makes the planet sound even stranger. Here's the latest scientific evidence.
  • The news many football fans feared was confirmed today: you will have to sign up to Optus to watch the English Premier League from next season. Business Insider investigates.
  • Ford’s new Mustang is finally reaching Australian shores. But what’s it actually like? Gizmodo took one for a test drive. Here's the verdict.
  • Sometimes, a TV show cancellation is a mercy. Other times, a show gets killed off just as it's getting good. Here are 11 shows that died just as they found their feet.


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