Blackbird Ventures Launches Program To Help Tech Startups Recruit

The perks and promises that startups offer to attract top tech talent are legendary — on-site chefs, ping pong tables, gym memberships, the list goes on. But even startups with a seemingly endless list of perks and a good chunk of funding under their belts can find it hard to recruit a quality team. In response to this problem, Blackbird Ventures has launched Sirius A, a program to help ‘concierge’ top computer science graduates into startup jobs.

Sirius A, essentially a graduate program, is still in its early stages, though Blackbird have been in communication with the heads of a number of Sydney universities in order to get them out there. Interested students will then be able to meet with Blackbird in order to be matched with companies that match their skills, interests and passion.

It’s a competitive market for computer science graduates at the moment, however — startups aren’t the only ones who want to recruit the same students that Sirius A are targeting, but Blackbird are confident that recruitment startups will be much simpler given the proper channels of communication.

Startup Daily spoke to Joel Connolly, head of community at Blackbird:

“We just don’t think students know or are aware of what startups are around in Sydney and Melbourne and Australia more broadly. They’re not aware of the opportunities available and we think that’s because in a startup you’re working so, so hard to build a product, a team, acquire customers that you don’t have time to embed yourself deeply in universities like some of the companies at the bigger end of town do,” he said.
Startups are incredible places to work, particularly for young people who are looking to make their mark and do something special, Connolly said, but the story needs to be told to make people aware.

Sirius also wants to stay with students through their careers, so that even if their first position doesn’t work out, they can still get help finding a new direction — some of them may even end up creating their own startups, Blackbird theorises.

With computer engineers most in demand, Sirius A will initially be focussing on computer science students, though if the program proves successful they plan on expanding to different fields.

Learn more about Sirius A at Startup Daily’s full story below.

Blackbird Ventures launches Sirius A program to ‘concierge’ top computer science students into startup jobs [Startup Daily]

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