Battery Share Sends Alerts To Your Friends When Your Battery's Low

iOS: If you have a friend (or a few of them) who always seems to have a dead battery, Battery Share is an app where you can easily share your battery level with a select group of friends. In order for Battery Share to be useful, you and all your friends will need the app. From there, it works like a social network for you battery. Anyone you approve as a friend can see your battery percentage and they can see yours. If you want, you can set it up so you'll get alerts when someone's battery gets low. There's a built-in VoIP tool too, but that's not particularly necessary for most of us. Still, Battery Share's pretty clever and useful, albeit a bit niche for most of us.

Battery Share ($1.99) [iTunes App Store via MacStories]


    What would you use this for? realistically?
    I have many friends that cant make their phone last a day because of heavy use. why would I want to know that?

      So that if you send them a message and they don't reply straight away, you'll know it's not because they're being rude, it's because they're saving their precious few battery minutes for someone more important than you.

      Oh, wait... :(

        ok then...
        Guess it was made by a very needy type of person who suffers separation anxiety or a very very controlling parent / partner

    awesome, so if i see a friends battery is reallly low i can keep calling and hanging up so it drains their battery just to annoy the shit out of them.

    If a friend asked me to install this. They are no longer a friend.

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