Ask LH: What’s A Good ‘Non-Gamer’ Chair For Gaming?

Dear Lifehacker, I just bought a new one-bedroom apartment and I want to put a gaming chair in the lounge room. The problem is that my girlfriend won’t suffer anything that looks like your typical “XtrEme!” gaming chair and it needs to double as a single-seater for when we have visitors. Any tips on what I should look for in a trendy seat that won’t look out of place in the lounge room? Destroyer Of Worlds

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Dear DOW,

Go with a beanbag. There are several reasons why this would be my first choice. Unless you live in an ostentatiously furnished mansion, a beanbag won’t look out of place in your lounge room, so the girlfriend should be happy. They’re also easy to lug around, which means you can sit nice and close to your TV for better immersion.

If you have sufficient space in your cupboard, you can keep it tucked away when not in use which frees up more space in your lounge room. Finally, they’re surprisingly comfortable — especially if you’re willing to spend a bit extra.

Some brands are specifically designed for gamers without drawing undue attention to the fact. You can also get models that double as giant pillows — handy if you’re don’t have a spare guest bedroom and want to invite friends over.

If you’re not a beanbag guy, the factors that determine your choice really aren’t much different to a regular chair — you want something comfortable, not too exxy and with a modest footprint.

If possible, plump for a single-seater with inbuilt side storage so you’re controllers are always close at hand. You might also want to consider sturdy legs if you tend to twist and turn while gaming. Otherwise, just make sure it matches your existing decor and you shouldn’t run into any problems with your better half. Good luck!


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