Always Think Of The End-Users In Any Mobility Deployment

Always Think Of The End-Users In Any Mobility Deployment

Workforces are becoming more mobile as technology unshackles employees from their desks. As such, workers’ expectations on what mobile technology can deliver has changed. Organisations need to factor this change into their decision-making process when they look to deploy mobility solutions in their businesses, as Peter Poullin, CMO of rugged tablets manufacturer Xplorer Technologies, highlighted at CeBIT 2016.

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Poullin was part of a CeBIT panel titled Mobilising The Workforce and spoke about the biggest mistake an organisation can make in mobility deployments: not factoring in the end-users. His sentiments were detailed in a blog post by CeBIT:

The end-users need to accept the technology or there is no way it can succeed.

There are times when companies implement mobile technology with the best of intentions without consulting with end-users who, at the end of the day, will be interacting with it the most. Having said that, you can’t please everybody in the organisation and this is something mobility application management vendor Apperian has discussed in relation to enterprise mobile apps.

It’s not easy to have one mobility technology that everybody is happy with and companies will have to find their own balance in terms of a solution that fits the business and the workers as best as possible.

[Via CeBIT]

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