7 Decorative Mistakes That Make Your House Look Smaller [Infographic]

Nobody wants to live in a cramped living space. In addition to making you feel suffocated and boxed in, it can also reduce the perceived value of your house. While you might not have the money to renovate, it's still possible to make your abode look larger via clever decoration. Here are seven affordable enlargement hacks to try; from placing furniture away from windows to utilising mismatched cushions to break up repetition.

Small room picture from Shutterstock

The infographic below comes from accommodation site Wimdu. It explains seven decorative decisions that have the unintended side-effect of making your house look smaller. Things to avoid include dark coloured wallpapers, ornament clutter and bad lighting. Read on for the full list.

[Via Wimdu]


    I just recently moved to a new unit and these tips are just the right ones that I follow. Our place is a little smaller than before so we feel the need to re-decorate in order to give our home that airy and spacious feel. The solution does not have to always be through renovation, but simply decorating could do the trick at a fraction of the price. I love plain and bright walls and furniture which I think help in creating that refreshing ambience.

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