17 Hacks And Extensions That Will Change How You Use Gmail

Since it debuted a decade ago, Gmail has become not just another email program, but a cultural force. It is the world’s largest email service, and it has set the standard for what people expect in terms of ease of use and inbox size. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be better.

A bunch of apps and plug-ins floating around the internet can make your experience using Gmail so much more enjoyable. With these amazing add-ons, you can see when people are tracking your emails, automatically know everything about people who email you, and send self-destructing emails. You can leverage the power of GIFs and even use Gmail as you would WhatsApp.

These 17 apps, tricks, and plug-ins can help you both streamline your Gmail time and do things you didn’t even know were possible. (Special recognition to Product Hunt, which has featured many of these products.) Read on to become a Gmail pro:

#1 Find out which websites are selling your email address

Signing up for a new service? Gmail recognises the + sign now, so you can create an alternate version of your email and monitor if you begin to receive spam to that new address (it will all still go to your main Gmail inbox.) So if your email was usually [email protected], you could sign up for Hulu with [email protected] and keep an eye on your usual Gmail inbox for spam mail sent to that alternate address. Then you know who sold your contact info to marketers.

This trick works as many times as you’d like, so you can add a + sign with a specific word to create infinite alternates that will all go to your main Gmail inbox.

#2 Sortd turns your Gmail into a set of useful lists

Sortd is a smart skin for Gmail that transforms your inbox into a set of lists you can customise to fit your workflow. You can change the list names, add as many as you please, and reorder them at will. Sortd is built around dragging and dropping, and tailoring your inbox to fit your needs is refreshingly simple.

Get it here.

#3 Ugly Email tells you which of your emails are being tracked before you open them

You may not know, but there are now email-tracking tools that make it easy for people to see when you open an email, what you click, and where you’re located. To fight these, the Ugly Email Chrome extension (on Firefox soon) shows you when your emails in Gmail are being tracked. And it starts working before you click anything. Once Ugly Email is installed, a tiny little eye symbol appears next to any email in your inbox that’s being tracked.

Get it here.

#4 FullContact shows everything you need to know about anyone who emails you

This Chrome extension lets you see the social profiles and job titles of everyone who sends you emails. You can read through their tweets, check out their Instagram photos, and browse their Facebook updates. You can even get detailed information on their organisations — like location, size, and demographics.

And it works with Google Calendar as well, in case you want to brush up before a meeting.

Get it here.

#5 Mixmax lets you create one-click templates and polls, and it helps you easily schedule meetings

Mixmax is a Chrome extension that is full of useful nuggets. It makes scheduling meetings easy by letting people select times within the email itself and tracking when someone has opened the message so you know when to bug them. It also saves you time with the ability to both schedule emails to be sent later and create one-click email templates.

Get it here.

#6 Mailburn turns your Gmail into WhatsApp when you check it on your phone

This iPhone app automatically shows you Gmail conversations with real people only. The theory is that you can take care of things like newsletters when you are at your computer but that you don’t want to miss an email from an actual person when you are on the go. In the app, you see conversations as chats like in WhatsApp, without things like ‘Show quoted text.’

Download it from the App Store.

#7 Unsubscriber makes it easy to unsubscribe from newsletters and spam

Unsubscriber for Gmail is an iPhone app with one simple premise: easily allowing you to unsubscribe from mailing lists and newsletters. Simply swipe left to unsubscribe, or swipe right to keep your subscription. Then you can delete unsubscribed emails with a single tap.

Download it from the App Store.

#8 MailTrack.io shows you when someone has read your message — even in group emails

MailTrack.io is a Chrome extension that lets you know both when your email was sent (with one check mark), and when it was opened (with two check marks). Not only that, but MailTrack.io can tell you when someone has read your email even if the email itself was sent to multiple recipients. And for those who want real-time notifications, MailTrack.io has an option to have pop-up desktop alerts when someone opens one of your emails.

Get it here.

#9 Snapmail sends self-destructing emails for you

Snapmail is a Chrome extension that adds a button next to Gmail’s ‘send’ button that you can use to send self-destructing messages. The button encrypts your message and only sends someone a link to it. Once your recipient follows the link to the message, Snapmail informs the person that it will self-destruct in 60 seconds. And then it does. Right now, Snapmail encrypts only text content.

Get it here.

#10 Gmail offline is exactly what it sounds like

Gmail Offline lets you work in Gmail even when you have no internet connection. This is useful for when your connection is spotty or you don’t want to waste your data by tethering to your phone but still want to draft some emails.

Get it here.

#11 Giphy for Gmail brings the wonders of GIFs to your emails

Giphy, the world’s premier GIF-searching company, has a Chrome extension that puts the power of GIFs straight into your Gmail. If you install the extension, a little rainbow Giphy icon will pop up near your normal formatting icons. And this button will let you insert GIFs into your emails to your heart’s content. Add a pinch of whismy to boring emails.

Get it here.

#12 Dropbox for Gmail saves you space and headaches by integrating your Dropbox with your email

Dropbox for Gmail is a Chrome extension that adds a Dropbox button to Gmail’s “Compose.” This makes it extremely easy to send Dropbox share links in an email, and allows you to bypass the process of attempting to email large files — and saves valuable space in your inbox.

Get it here.

#13 Boomerang schedules not only emails, but also follow-ups

Boomerang is a plug-in that works with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. It has a lot of great tidbits, but perhaps the most useful is the ability to ‘send later.’ You just write a message as you normally would and then use either a calendar picker or a text box (‘next Monday’) to schedule when it will send. You can also set a reminder to yourself if you don’t hear back so you know when to follow up.

Get it here.

#14 Find Big Mail searches for all the huge emails eating up your space and deletes them

If you find you are getting low on space in your Gmail, it’s probably because you have a bunch of emails with big attachments cluttering up your inbox. Find Big Mail is a program that scans your account and helps you find the largest files in your inbox. Then it helps you delete them. Poof. In a second, you can cut down the size of your inbox by an insane amount.

Get it here.

#15 WiseStamp creates a cool custom signature for your emails

WiseStamp is a Chrome extension that helps you customise your signature. You can choose fonts, size, colour, and images — but you can also add in more exotic elements, like RSS feeds, and social services like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Get it here.

#16 Send from Gmail makes sure Gmail is always the default

This Chrome extension is for anyone who has ever snorted in frustration after clicking on an email icon online only to have Apple’s mail client pop up. With Send from Gmail, this will never happen again. It makes a Compose window in Gmail pop up whenever you click an email address on any webpage.

Get it here.

#17 GrexIt creates shared Gmail labels and notes

GrexIt is a Chrome extension that is great for collaborating with coworkers, or anyone else you are working on a project with. With shared labels, if you add a label to any email conversation in your inbox, it shows up in your colleagues’ inboxes with that label attached. It’s particularly good for sharing emails and keeping track of who has which assignment.

Get it here.

This story originally appeared on Business Insider.

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