11 Ways To Make Your iPhone Run Faster

After a few years of heavy usage, most iPhones start to get a bit creaky at day-to-day tasks. They still work, but everything seems to take a bit longer than it should. Thankfully, by employing a few cleanup hacks it's not too difficult to bring it back up to speed. This video contains 11 surefire tips to make your iPhone run faster.

When you consider how much we do with our phones and how often we use them, it's not surprising that we pick up a few bugs and glitches along the way. If your iPhone is running slower than usual but otherwise seems fine, there's usually a simple solution out there. The above video offers 11 fixes that should keep your iPhone chugging along nicely until your next upgrade.

[Via Business Insider]


    Numerous sources show that closing down apps makes little to no difference

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