10 Ways To Beat The Monday Blues [Infographic]

10 Ways To Beat The Monday Blues [Infographic]

Even if you genuinely love your job, Mondays can be extraordinarily painful. This goes doubly for the danker months as we move past autumn and into winter. (Who likes getting out of bed when it’s still dark outside?) Here are 10 tips that can help remove the anxiety, stress and sadness from the start of each work week.

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This infographic was compiled by the people at SleepyPeople.com and contains ten methods to make Mondays more tolerable that are all backed by science. Some are obvious (don’t skip breakfast) while others are a little unusual (start the morning by smiling at your pet cat or dog.)

The good thing about these tips is they don’t require drastic readjustments to your existing schedule — just a bit of extra sleep and some additional exercise. Check out the full checklist below:

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  • Number 9: laugh at the girl who is about to spill her coffee on her outfit

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