Why Windows Phone Might Not Be The Best Choice For Your Business

Why Windows Phone Might Not Be The Best Choice For Your Business

For many Australian businesses, Windows Phone is the employee device of choice due to OS familiarity, sophisticated security and attractive pricing. However, if you’re in the market for a new fleet of handsets, Microsoft could be a riskier option than you think. As this chart shows, overall sales of Windows Phone devices has shrunk every quarter since 2015.

As reported by SMH, Microsoft has only managed to sell 2.3 million Lumia-branded smartphones in the past three months. While it’s currently the third best-selling mobile operating system behind Android and iOS, Windows Phone’s actual market share is just two per cent.

Windows Phones’ shrinking sales are partly down to Microsoft’s decision to concentrate on niche markets like the business sector — but the chief reason for this “narrowed” focus is that people just aren’t buying its phones.

While it is unlikely that Microsoft will throw in the smartphone towel any time soon, it’s a pretty safe bet that the business will continue to shrink both in terms of hardware releases and the category’s workforce. This translates to less reliable support.

There’s nothing especially wrong with Windows Phones: they’re user-friendly and have (most of) the apps that business users need. Just bear in mind that you’ll be backing a workhorse with a noticeable limp in its stride.

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