Velociraptor Adds A Speed Limit Indicator To Google Maps

Velociraptor Adds a Speed Limit Indicator to Google Maps

Android: Google Maps is one of Android's most useful apps, but it's always lacked a key feature: speed limits. Velociraptor fixes this by adding a floating speed limit widget to Maps. Velociraptor automatically starts when you enter Google Maps. A floating speed limit icon, as well as a speedometer for your actual speed, will appear over every screen. Currently, the widget will appear even if you're looking for directions or browsing place reviews, which is a little weird. However, it's handy while driving until Google decides to add this otherwise common feature.

Velociraptor [Google Play Store via Android Police]


    How up to date is this information? Seems to me a speed limit could be changed, but the data could be out of date. "Did that sign say 80 km/h? Oh no, my phone says 100 km/h it's okay."

      My old sat nav had this feature, generally they just have disclaimers that the info might not be up to date. Pretty useful when you can't see a sign with the speed limit and you're not sure of it, at least.

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