Use A Sheet Pan To Make Cooking Cleanup Easy

Use a Sheet Pan to Make Cooking Cleanup Easy

Sheet pans are pretty important kitchen items. With them, you can make prosciutto crisps, or a whole bunch of grilled cheese sandwiches, but they can also be used to catch vegetable peels and scraps, making cleanup a cinch. Photo by R. Nial Bradshaw.

I've always peeled my veggies over the sink, but pesky peels can clog your plumbing, even if you have a garbage disposal. I actually almost ruined Christmas last year by putting potato peels down my mother's garbage disposal. It was a bad scene, and I am forever ashamed.

Luckily, catastrophes such as this are easily prevented by just lining the sink with a sheet pan. Peel as usual, letting everything fall onto the pan, and dump in the compost when done. No fuss. No muss. No potato peel plumbing disaster.

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    I've always used junk mail or local newspapers. When you're done you can dump the scraps into your compost and bin the paper. Nothing extra to wash.

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