Ummo For iOS Analyses Your Speech To Help Improve Your Public Speaking

iOS: Public speaking is always a bit terrifying, but one of the best ways to get over that is to prepare as much as possible. Ummo is an app that helps you prepare by analysing everything you say.

To start, just tap the mic in Ummo and then practice your presentation. Ummo then listens to you and will send a small audio alert when you use filler phrases such as “uh/”, “um”, “like” and “you know” (you can turn off this alert if you find it annoying). When you’re done, Ummo dishes out a lot of different stats to help you analyse your speech, including your words per minute pace, the overall clarity, how many words you’re using and where you’re pausing. You can create your own list of filler words too, which is helpful if you know that you have a particular phrase you use that’s not that common.

This isn’t going to help much with the anxiety of public speaking when you’re in the moment in front of a ton of people, but it can help you improve you pacing and make you aware of what your filler words are. They’re working on a web demo if you’re interested in testing it out, otherwise the iPhone app comes in at just $US1.99 ($3).

Ummo ($2.99) [iTunes App Store]


  • @Thorin, know of any Android alternatives that are anywhere near this polished? I’ve already suggested this app to a group of trainers I’m trying to upskill – it’s a great tool!

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