Turn Old Towels Into Baby Bibs With This Pattern

Turn Old Towels into Baby Bibs With This Pattern

If you have old towels that you're ready to replace or that are headed for the trash, give them new life as absorbent baby bibs instead. You'll always have clean bibs on hand, save money on overpriced baby gear and you'll get a more use out of your towels. Baby bibs aren't super expensive, but they can still be marked up depending on where you shop. If you're going to toss old bath or kitchen towels anyway, use this free pattern (which you can print on normal printer paper) from Made Everyday to outline your bibs on the towel. Here's what else you'll need:

  • A sewing machine
  • Thread
  • An 2.5cm long piece of velcro
  • Bias binding (optional)

If you decide not to use bias binding, you'll need to sew along the edge of the bib to make sure the fabric doesn't unravel over time (or not if you don't care about that, this is an old towel after all). When you're finished, you'll have a baby bib you can use, re-wash and wear out — and hopefully you'll have a cleaner baby as well. For step-by-step instructions, check out the link below.

Baby Bibs + Free Pattern [Made Everyday]


    This isn't reserved to just towels. Now you can breath extra life into those old worn out band T-shirts as well. Baby Beiber Bids anyone?....anyone?

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