This Video Shows How Intel Authenticate Works On vPro PCs

This Video Shows How Intel Authenticate Works On vPro PCs

Intel Authenticate is a preview technology that comes with the new sixth-generation Core chips with vPro. It’s a feature that was met with excitement when it was announced in January as it brings easy multifactor authentication features to PCs that carry the new Intel vPro chips. See how it works here.

What Intel Authenticate does is require users to use at least two methods of authentication before they can get access to their PCs. Traditionally, two-factor authentication mainly involved a password and another code issued by a security token or an app. Intel Authenticate allows for a Bluetooth enabled smartphone to be a form of authentication so users don’t even notice that extra step. So long the phone has the right security certificate pushed to it and is in Bluetooth range of the PC, it can be used to identify the user.

You can also weave in fingerprinting and pin codes as part of the authentication process and all of this is customisable by IT administrators, depending on the needs of individual organisations.

Intel believes this kind of hardware-based security is going to become a key tool in fighting the increasing threat of cybercriminals targeting business PC users. According to the vendor, there are already a number of high-profile organisations around the world interested in adopting Intel Authenticate.

You can watch the video above for a demonstration on how Intel Authenticate works.

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